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Biology, purely natural phenomena and Technologies (BNT)

Course of action-linked capabilities reset 2.1 Achieving Know-how 2.1 developing information phenomena observe and describe subjective perceptions discuss and target data contrast basic Dimensions increasingly observations of claims differentiate purely natural phenomena and technological concerns problems put together, confirm presumptions and experimentally check out experiments below the advice plan, evaluate and implement a concrete design important use appearance characteristics of organisms criterion referenced describe and compare basic persistence supports accurately put on uncomplicated strategies to fixing a research or technical problem build 2.2 interaction 2.2 correspondence writing essay using the scientific and technical work in a workforce assume responsibilty for work functions, interact with each other persevering even though objectives and tasks explore relevant her technique their s observations plus the outcomes of their operate file for illustrating data and results right tables and charts to produce connections amongst everyday occasions and technical and scientific difficulties to set-up information appropriate sign up displaying applicable facts of simple fact or day-to-day text messages and visual representations in an ideal technical vocabulary organised enjoy significantly involving everyday expressions and techie vocabulary information distinguish simple sketches and drawings read and create 2.3 analysis 2.3 examination controlled information for handling daily problems is sensible make use of the claims of animals to the habitat with all the housing circumstances as being a house or farm dogs assess preferred instances and critically review courses of activity for an environmentally describe and organic daily life endurable and application obstacles acknowledge scientific – It and specialised expertise to gauge safety and risks safety measures make use of ecologically and economically responsible way with materials and energy circumvent their steps and also the effects according to predefined conditions reflect and evaluate 2.4 Preparing 2.4 Prep of simple preparation files put into action tools and straightforward devices professionally and safely working with simple practical things ultimate system very simple technological components and functioning issues in the creation of something get over helping views – – GNI (information) – risks and importance of sustainable growth (information) – dynamics and complexity of lasting advancement (facts) – beliefs?? And expectations in decision making (aspects) – conditions for sustainability-helpful and-inhibiting motion (specifics) -participation and involvement, participation (information) – democracy ability (particulars) – Friedensstrateg ien (particulars) – training for patience and acknowledgement of assortment (aspects) – Personal and social diversity (details) – Value-centered supervision (particulars) – inclusion, tolerance and solidarity non-discrimination (aspects) – self-breakthrough and approval of other everyday life varieties (facts) – forms ofstereotypes and prejudice, cliches (information) – discord image resolution and reconciliation of likes and dislikes ( specifics) – coverage of minorities (facts) – intercultural forms and interreligious dialogue (particulars) – prevention and health marketing and advertising (particulars) – sensation and perception (specifics) – self-control and studying (facts) – exercise and relaxation (particulars) – body and hygiene (facts) – diet plan (specifics) – dependency and addiction (facts) – bullying and abuse (specifics) – safety and accident protection (facts) – BO (aspects) – Theme-unique and actions-concentrated s admission to function and specialist living (Particulars) – sas.lau.edu.lb details on career, education, study and occupations pathways (specifics) – assessment and verification very own proficiency and possible (Aspects) – Sex features in choosing a career, family and life setting up (aspects) – competency examination, abilities testing and determination instruction (information) – planning and design in the switch to career, studies and training (facts) – media Schooling (details) – mass media business (aspects) – multimedia investigation (information) – information and knowledge (details) – communication and cooperation (information) – presentation and production (specifics) – coverage of Kids (details) – Informative personal-determination Recognize (information) – information technology principles (details) – consumer Education and learning (aspects) – use their own sources (aspects) – opportunities and risks of existence (Deta ils) – needs and desires (particulars) – Finance and Investments (particulars) – Shopper Privileges (details) – good quality of purchaser things (Aspects) – each day utilization (facts) – marketing as impacting aspects (information) – customer Education and learning (specifics)

3.1.8 Plants 3.1.1 thinking and working methods of the natural sciences and engineering individual elements 3.1.2 – safeguarding the earth 3.1.3 Water – an important compound 3.1.4 electricity effectively 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Development of Mankind 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 plants and flowers 3.1.9 Ecology 3.1.10 An item developed 3.1.11 develop a going thing.

3.1.8 plants.

The scholars discuss plant life as dwelling microorganisms making use of their normal body parts. They acknowledge the plethora of diversity and forms. It is possible to functional and structural similarities and differences characterize different plant and plants family members. They explain and describe the creation and other sorts of reproduction.

The pupils can.

The usual body parts of an flowering place describe and called their functionality.

The typical body organs of an blooming grow describe and called https://payforessay.net/ their functionality.

The usual areas of any blooming place called and describe their functionality.

Germination experiments plan, implement and evaluate.

Germination experiments plan, implement and evaluate.

Germination tests implement, plan and evaluate.

(Z. B. Placed impression) building flowers check out

(Z. B. Set photo) creating blossoms look into

(Z. B. Put appearance) developing blossoms explore

On account of the fresh flowers building reps of two vegetation families off their residing natural environment identify (z. B. Produce Herbarium)

Established judging by the floral building officials of about three grow households from the life setting and confirms an (z. B. Create Herbarium)

Confirmed on such basis as the flower building representatives of some vegetation young families from other life natural environment and establishes an (z. B. Produce Herbarium)